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TEQbytes is proud to be a small business who cares deeply about YOUR success.

Our personal connection with each of our clients allows us to keep businesses running at peak efficiency and performance.

As a business, you know the only thing more important than your online presence and having a secure operating system is PROTECTING your data. We know it too, which is why we introduced our Exclusive MSP Service.

TEQbytes’s 360-degree MSP Service – Maintenance/Security/Professionalism – is the customized solution to those concerns.

At TEQbytes, your success is our success.

Ready for a conversation? Learn how personal IT care can elevate your business and give you back peace of mind. Isn’t it time you came aboard? 

Our Services .


We handle all of your IT. Top to bottom, it’s all on us, to install, maintain, monitor, protect, and repair. We give you peace of mind, allowing you to focus on your business.

Monitoring & Maintenance

Maintenance is a key component to your infrastructure working efficiently. We maintain, and monitor for any potential issues, before they become business-stopping issues.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Whether it’s a deleted file or your server room going up in flames, our Backup solution has you covered, and back in business. In no time..

Cloud Services

Cloud services is the new hotness, but choosing the right solution can be confusing. Let us help you get the right solution that fits your business.

Email Services

We offer Office 365 for all of your email needs. From the basic email only plan… to all of the Microsoft Office suite. Always the latest version!

Network Security

The best security comes in layers, on the network level (routers, firewalls etc.), on the computer level, and on the email level. We do it all, and we do it right!

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